Building Instructions and Requirements

SQLite Database Browser requires Trolltech's QT. It has been tested with versions 3.12, 3.2 and 3.3 of QT. QT can be included as a static or shared library, depending on the current QT configuration in the building machine. For more information on QT please consult http://www.trolltech.com.

With version 2.0, SQLite Database Browser now requires Qt Software's Qt 4.6 or later. The LGPL and GPL versions of Qt are available in almost all Linux distributions as a default package, and can be downloaded from http://www.qtsoftware.com for Windows and OSX.

SQLite is not used as a shared library: it is built from source code included in this package (sqlite_source directory), and linked as a static library into the executable.

SQLite is ideal for embedding, so the only requirement for building this code is the presence of Qt. Qt can be included as a static or shared library, depending on the current Qt configuration in the building machine.

Provided you have Qt installed and configured, simply run


followed by


in the main directory. This will generate the

sqlitebrowser (or sqlitebrowser.exe, or sqlitebrowser.app)

application in the sqlitebrowser subdirectory.

The same process works for building the code in any platform supported by Qt (including other Unix systems with X11.)



This code is in Public Domain. You may do whatever you want with it.


Redistribution of Binaries

The binaries available at sqlitebrowser.sourceforge.net can be redistributed freely. The Windows and MacOSX versions are standalone applications (Qt has been included in the framework or in the directory), while the Linux package used a shared Qt library already present in almost all modern Linux distributions since it is a requirement for KDE and several popular packages.


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